Staunton Mennonite Church

  2405 3rd St - Staunton, VA 24401

Pastor Jim Delp


Partor Jim DelpJim Delp served as pastor of Staunton Mennonite Church from July 2001 through  June 2006. Pastor Jim grew up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He has also worked in sales and construction while previously serving and ministering in a variety of capacities.

Pastor Jim is a graduate of Eastern Mennonite Seminary where he received an MA in Church Leadership, Evangelism and Missions.

Jim served in former pastorates beginning at Wilkens Avenue Mennonite Church in Baltimore, MD.  New Covenant Mennonite Fellowship, Harrisonburg, Va. and in several interim situations. He also worked as Chaplain at Gerneinshaft ( a halfway house for ex-offenders), in Harrisonburg, VA.

Along with his pastoring roles and for seven years independently in a ministry identified as Apostle Ministries he has traveled as a Renewal, Retreat and Seminar speaker to many churches and groups including ministry in Haiti, Albania, Russia and the UK.

He is past chairman of the board of  Greater Hope. A local ministry bringing Christís transforming love to the Sexually and Relationally Broken.

Pastor Jim Delp and his wife Jane of 43 years reside in nearby Churchville. They are the proud parents of four children and five grandchildren. They have also had the experience of saying good-by to their oldest son, who left them for Heaven at age eleven due to leukemia.

Jimís previous experience enhances his ability to minister to individuals from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances.

At his retirement dinner Jim wrote the following poem:

The Little Brick Church at 2405 on Third


In the west end of Staunton hidden from most views

Is a little brick church with welcoming pews


Some people can't find it when they attempt to look

So "Please" write these directions in your little black book


The route that is best, some people claim

comes in from the west, 250's the name


Turn right at the first light as you enter town

Grubert is the street name, but some people say his name wasn't found


Now most of us learned when we went to school,

that three comes before four, but for some reason Grubert doesn't follow that rule


So don't be foolish and do what some people do

When they don't see Third

They turn around and start feeling blue


It takes persistence to find, the little brick church at 2405 on Third

So pay attention and keep going straight on, just like a bird


When you see the big school high up on the hill

Prepare to soon turn left, hold tight on the wheel


For there is the street that some people can't find

You'll easily see it, unless you're blind


When you make that turn, on the left you'll see

The little brick church welcoming thee


So don't pass it by and wonder why

Some folks attend there and talk about a home in the sky


On Sunday morning  you need to learn more

Get up, get ready and enter the door


At the little brick church at 2405 on Third

You'll meet good people and hear the Lord's Word


They will welcome you in, so hold up your chin

This place is for you, you may as well stay and begin


You will find, the coffee is ready for your caffeine fit

So help yourself, take a chair and sit

You will soon see that this little brick church

has the potential to be a hit


Now the Sunday School class, you don't want to pass

You'll learn that God loves you,

that your important and not just something that evolved out of mass


The next service

will keep you from getting nervous

There is singing and sharing and praying and caring

Your welcome to join in no matter what your wearing


Then comes God's Word

To bless you when heard

Now remember all of this takes place

At the little brick church at 2405 on Third.


Though the service is great

We all know it would not carry much weight

If people didn't plan it

and participate too

and without those people,  you just can't do


So listen my friend, and don't have a fit

But here is what you really miss if you don't find it

First the Lord and His love, His power and care

And next all his people that share.


They're the Wengers the Weavers the Freisens and Zendts

the  Blossers and Duncans a variety of Showalters too
the  Rowlands the Stricklands the Mules and the Harlows
and Yoders and Shifflets and Delps
an Echard a Houser a Birch a Cornelius and a Drumheller
what makes this church great, is each important fellow


And don't miss the man , with the future plan

The Gassers are here to help us all find the promised land


So don't you ever get in a bind

And forget how important it is to find

The little brick church at 2405 on Third

or you'll miss a lot of good people and an chance to hear the Lord's Word